Peter Graham proves Cecil Peoples wrong, leg kicks can win fights

In Judaic culture, at the age of thirteen, a boy becomes responsible for his actions. By religious law, he becomes a Bar-Mitzvah, which essentially means after he recites a passage of antiquated stuff that serves no purpose in the modern world, he will receive a crane-full of insanely dope gifts. The celebration afterwords is sometimes incorrectly called a Bar-mitzvah, but no one really pays any attention to the details of any religion when drunk uncles comes into play. The kid from ‘Where The Red Fern Grows’ was thirteen when he had an epic adventure fighting bobcats with Old Dan and Little Ann. Huck Finn was thirteen when he took the raft down the Mississippi with Jim. I was thirteen when I watched UFC 7: The Brawl in Buffalo and I learned about the power of the leg kick. On September 8th, 1995. Marco Ruas leg kicked the 6’8″, 330lb Paul Varelans into oblivion and propelled himself into the history books as the UFC 7 tournament winner — and subsequent giant killer. Simply put, on that day I learned that leg kicks won fights. Cecil Peoples may disagree, but leg kicks from K-1 veteran Peter Graham, definitively defeated Aleksanderr Emelianenko’s hepatitis free blood last weekend, giving him his first loss in over four years. [Source]

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