Mike Perry Dismisses Danielle Nickerson Abuse Allegations, Calls Mother’s 911 Call “Overdramatic”

Mike Perry was finally asked by media about his physical abuse allegations towards Danielle Nickerson, in which he vehemently denied.

Image of Mike Perry via Twitter: @UFC
Image of Mike Perry via Twitter: @UFC

Last month, former “Platinum Princess” Danielle Nickerson hinted at possible abuse suffered by the hands of Mike Perry. Shortly after, she went in-depth about the incidents stating that Perry cracked her ribs. Now that Mike is scheduled to face Tim Means at UFC 255, questions have surfaced in regards to the allegations. Perry is brushing off all domestic incidents about Nickerson and states that his own mother’s 911 call was overdramatic. 

Danielle Nickerson Hints at Abuse From Ex-Husband Mike Perry 

On Instagram, Danielle posted a cryptic tweet that hinted that Mike may have abused her. Although it wasn’t said directly, the photo of Mike covering her mouth partnered with the caption eluded to such inclinations. She later deleted the tweets.

“I’m done being silent, wrote Danielle.” “What happened is not ok. It is never acceptable. It’s still happening everyday to others. It’s time for someone to speak up, to be brave and tell the truth.
I’m ready to talk… who’s ready to listen?

She followed up the story by detailing the events. 

“He had his knee on my belly and just ground-and-pounded me until he got tired,” Nickerson said. “I did a decent job of covering my face. I still had hematomas on the back of my head. My entire right side from my entire arm, my legs, my ribs, everything was covered in bruises the next few days. He just got all of his anger out on me, and on the last punch I clearly – I think that’s why he stopped, is we heard my rib crack. He knew and sat back, and I think he was just tired – tired of hitting me so much.”

Perry Shrugs Off Domestic Abuse Allegations 

His own mother called 911 because Danielle fled to her home, fearing for her life. But, Perry spoke to the media and shrugged off all allegations, saying that the call was overdramatic.

“My mom is a savage. I have never disrespected my mother. That night only, and that was by revving my engine and I drove across her grass, so she called the cops on me,” said Perry.

“I don’t believe that you have that correct because I did not assault her that night. I don’t necessarily believe that those allegations were made about that night that the 911 call took place,” he explained.

Mike Speaks on His Mother’s 911 Call

“The night that took place, what happened was Danielle went over to my mother’s house. And I went over to my mother’s house to tell her to come outside to talk to her and my mom said ‘no.”

“She’s always been overdramatic and acting up since her and my dad had me. My dad was a wild dude and she always expected something from me.

Promotional Malpractice 

To this date, the UFC has yet to comment on any of the allegations. Instead, Perry has been promoted with his own episode of UFC Embedded leading up to the fight. Perry’s troubled history with abuse allegations and run-ins with the law continues to be neglected by the UFC. However, if Danielle continues to pursue her story, things could change. 



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