Mike Perry Says He’ll Fight The Crowd Before Fighting MVP At BKFC London: ‘Imma Slap A Couple Of People’

'Platinum' Perry and his 'bisexual hands' are willing to fight anybody in London.

Perry Mvp Presser
(via The Mac Life)

Mike Perry isn’t just planning on fighting Michael ‘Venom’ Page at BKFC London. He wants to take on a crowd of fans as well.

MVP Doesn’t Brag About Street Fights

In the lead-up to their bare-knuckle matchup, the topic of street fights would be brought up to Perry and Page. ‘Platinum’ is no stranger to street fights, but ‘MVP’ doesn’t like to brag about that side of his life himself. 

“That’s not something I care to brag about,” MVP told The Mac Life. “It’s not something I’m proud about. I’m a martial artist, first. Things happen, I’ve been in certain situations… we’ve ended up having to do of it with our fists. But it’s not something I care to be like promoting like ‘oh yeah, I’ve won this many fights on the [street]’. I don’t care, that’s not me. I’ve never been a person to brag about that side of my life.”

Perry Tries To ‘Keep It Real’

Perry is the complete polar opposite to Page when it comes to street fights. For ‘Platinum’, anybody can get it. 

“I try to keep it real,” Perry replied. “I remember my dad used to say ‘I’m 1000-0 in the street’. I give anybody the benefit of the doubt. Anybody can win at any given time, but if I’m not looking and I’m at the bar, and you hit me in my face… I see a lot of videos of old men taking out young dudes.

“People talk sh*t about me cause that old man came at me and I swatted his ass. I swatted a few people in these streets. These hands [are] bisexual, motherf*cker. Anybody can get it, Any gender. Anybody can get this sh*t at any given time because I don’t trust nobody. Anybody get too close to me is going down like that.

“I get what you’re saying, you’re a high-level athlete and you ain’t got time for these guys in the street. I try not to have time for them but they try to force their way in there and I gotta swat them out.”


Before waging war in the ring, the headliners would go at each other verbally. 

“You attract what you are,” Page replied. “If that’s what you want, that’s what you attract.”

“I’ll be a street legend then,” Perry said to Page. “They f*ck with me in the streets and in the cage, real professionals and real people. 

“When you come to London, you’re going to know,” Page said. “They f*ck with me in the streets but I don’t have to brag about that sh*t.”

Perry Is Willing To Fight The Fans

“That’s alright man. They polite in the streets over there in London,” Perry laughed. “I’ll get them riled up, I’m here for it. They can come at me if they want. We going to fight on the walkout. On the way to fight you, Imma fight people in the crowd. Imma slap a couple of people before I get in there and get at you.”

We’ll see just how many fights Perry gets into at BKFC London on August 20th.

Published on August 12, 2022 at 3:55 pm
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