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Mike Perry’s Girlfriend Reveals Rape Threats From Fans

Perry And Darren Till Have Been Engaging In A War Of Words Of Late

Mike Perry’s Girlfriend Reveals Rape Threats From Fans

Mike Perry and Darren Till’s beef is starting to affect more than just themselves.

Perry and Till have been going back-and-forth with each other for a couple of years now dating back to their days in the welterweight division together. Although their feud cooled down and later became friendly banter, things have started to heat up on social media.

Till recently made an unsavory remark about Perry’s new girlfriend Latoya Gonzalez and has even gone as far as making a website called Many of Till’s European fans naturally found all this funny to which Perry responded.

“Funny all you miserable bums in Europe are jealous. Wanking off your mates in a circle jerk while I block your whole sh*tty continent ! The only thing you guys are raw dogging is all your buddies. @darrentill2 has #AnalWarts”

Some, however, have taken it too far.

Gonzalez revealed she has received death threats from some of those aforementioned fans.

“It’s so sick that I get a bunch of rape threats because these losers hate on my man. Sick world we live in”

Perry vs. Till In The Future?

As for Perry and Till settling their differences inside the Octagon, it seems unlikely for now.

“Platinum” is set to meet Mickey Gall in welterweight action on June 27 while Till — having moved up to middleweight last year — is currently scheduled to face former 185-pound champion Robert Whittaker in the July 25 headliner in Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island.

But if things continue at this rate, it’s certainly a possibility down the line.

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