Viviane Pereira Shares Story of Being Kicked From Gym After Having Head Coaches Baby

Viviane Pereira had the child of her head coach and was since kicked out of her home MMA gym, putting her fighting career in jeopardy

Image of Viviane Pereira via Instagram
Image of Viviane Pereira via Instagram

Former UFC fighter Viviane Pereira hasn’t been able to secure a fight since 2019. However, it wasn’t due to Viviane’s choice. After getting kicked out of her gym for being pregnant, Pereira has had difficulty continuing her career. 

Pereira on Being Kicked Out of Gym

Recently, Pereira sat down in a tell-all interview with MMA Fighting. During the conversation, she revealed how she was kicked out of her home gym after a child with her head coach. 

“I didn’t expect this pregnancy,” Pereira told MMA Fighting. “When I told [Batista] I was pregnant, he said right off the bat he didn’t want it and blocked us from everything, kicked me out of the team. He’s still avoiding judicial intimations, not showing up in court. It’s quite complicated. He never helped me or the baby.

“I thought [motherhood] would go differently because I was with the father of the baby since I was 15. I began training with him when I was around 12, and we started dating when I was 15, and everything was fine, but then all of a sudden he changed completely. We spent almost 12 years together.”

Since not being able to fight, Viviane felt blackballed from the sport of MMA. She lost her gym and the sponsors that she secured who would pay her to represent their brand on her fight gear. 

Trying to Fight Again

Although she hasn’t been able to fight, Pereira is still under contract with Invicta FC. Additionally, she has UFC experience, finishing her time in the promotion with a record of 2 wins and three losses. Currently, Viviane holds a win over the current Invicta FC champion Alesha Zappitella. So it is clear that she still can compete with the most elite girls in mixed martial arts. 

As a single mother, Pereira is currently raising funds to be able to fight again. Her crowdsourcing project hopes to raise at least R$60,000, which equals $11,151.38 in US dollars. 


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