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‘People are just freaked out about change around here’ Pocket change? Dana on Reebok

‘People are just freaked out about change around here’ Pocket change? Dana on Reebok

Dana White is a guy who can spend an entire year’s worth of cash that one of his lower level fighters, who is destroying his body at a shot for glory, on dumping snow in his Las Vegas driveway for fun. Let’s call a spade a spade, Dana White is a couple of frustrated comments away from saying he and his millionaire buddies are being persecuted like the Jews in WW2 because frankly, he’s completely out of his mind, and it gets worse ever day.

Take, for example, the Reebok deal. Even with a base pay structure raised by a couple grand, the fact that your fighters that are fighting in front of millions on TV are making as much as a public school teacher, that’s a problem. Those public school teachers should be making way more money, and so should your fighters.

There’s something in the air, and maybe change will come, but it’s getting harder to attract better talent if there is no money. Why get punched in the head constantly if it leads to a cardboard box on a street corner? If millionaire boxers can end up homeless, what’s going to happen to fighters that make $30K a year, net? Oh, nothing, they won’t end up homeless because they have a second job. And a second job is exactly what keeps all of those NFL players motivated.

White said this on a recent live Periscope chat:

“Lots of complaints with Reebok, but Reebok is the deal. People are just freaked out about change around here.” 

“If you look throughout the history of this company, every time there’s change, people freak out. That Reebok deal is going to be great for everybody.”


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