Peace Out Xyience, the Official Energy Drink of the Octagon

If there has ever a sponsor that was joined at the hip with a company that they sponsor it would have to be Xyience and the UFC. For as long as we can remember Xyience has been on the mats at UFC events and on the trunks of select fighters. It was never clear if anyone in the real world ever really bought Xyience products and there was always talk of Zuffa owning a stake, if not the entirety of the company in an attempt to synergize brands and awareness to its fans.

Xyience has officially been sold to Big Red and will now be marketed to a broader base of consumers, which means that it will also no longer be affiliated with the UFC in any way. I guess this means that the UFC is looking for a new Official Energy Drink of the Octagon(TM) to go along with the Official Corn Snack of the Octagon(TM), Corn Nuts, and the Official Motorcycle of the Octagon(TM), Harley-Davidson.

In other news, Surge is back. There is always that, right?


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