Paulo Filho has been admitted to a Rio hospital due to a drug overdose

There’s not much more disheartening things to hear or read than to find out a person brimming over with talent is wasting away to the disease of drug addiction. Think of people like Curt Flood, Heath Ledger, Lawrence Taylor and Amy Winehouse. So much talent and potential eaten away by an ugly cancerous addiction to drugs. To watch athletes especially succumb to such a disease, is probably one of the single most dichotomous events to witness on our planet.

On the outside these guys like Paulo Filho appear strong, healthy and exhibit an air of confidence and mettle that we the fans admire and aspire to find a way to duplicate within ourselves. But on the inside, some of these people we look at as superhero-esque human beings are battling with their own wars with inner demons like anxiety, depression and self doubt.

Over the years, we have been saddened to know that Paulo Filho an amazingly talented fighter, has been dealing with his own personal ongoing struggle with depression and drug addiction. The battle has time and time again thwarted his potential climb to greatness in MMA.

Sadly, it is being reported that Filho has been once again dealt a heavy blow in his battle with drug addiction. Earlier this week according to Portal do Vale Tudo, Filho was hospitalized due to an apparent drug overdose on the drug Rohypnol. A close friend of Filho’s released a statement to the Brazilian news source stating that Filho was taking close to 60 doses of Rohypnol per day.

Here’s a rough translation of the letter submitted to Portal do Vale Tudo via a UG member:

“I don’t want to debate this situation any longer, but I can’t watch idly as Paulao, or someone representing him, slanders me. Due to everything I’ve been through with Paulao, I can affirm that he is not well and does not go one day without taking Roupinal and Potenei. All one needs to do is go up to him to see the explicit needle marks on both of his arms. Paulao must be hospitalized immediately, or else he will die.I did what was possible and even impossible in order to free him from his addictions, but I was unsuccessful. Even his mother knows I speak the truth, just like all of his closest friends do. I feel sad, because his illness has made him turn against all those who have tried to help him.

It is necessary to clarify that I never said that Paulao owed R $20 thousand in Campos, but that his mother told me that he owed certain amounts in Niteroi, and that the group that has helped him until now would unite in order to help him pay.He alleges that he has no received anything from me, but he purchases R$ 10 thousand worth of dogs, and R$ 8 thousand more worth of roosters in Campos. Everything was paid to Paulao, and whatever he decided to buy is his problem. I will not give him one more Real (brazilian currency). I already spent a lot on him. He said he had a monthly allowance/help. Where does you think that came from? All his expenditure came directly or indirectly from me.Paulao arrived in Campos with one change of clothes, and taking 60 doses of Rohypnol and 4 vials of Potenai together per day.

I wish I filmed the reaction of the first doctor I took him to when the doctor was told of the daily dosages. It a miracle that nothing has happened to him yet. Paulao has refused to take any alternative medicines instead of Potenai. I did everything, I gave him food, medical assistance, psychiatrist, I allowed him to stay in my family’s house, and he was treated as a son by all. I spent days hiding medications from him so that he would not take them, in an attempt to reduce his dosages.I slept on the floor by his side, with the lights on since he cannot sleep in the dark. Actually I did not sleep, I napped since he does not sleep. I spent night after night in this routine, and I believe no one would have done the same. I consider him my brother, I don’t know why he did this to me. He knows how much I make, and I have ways to prove it. What was discounted from his purse and not passed on, were the plane tickets and his purse bonuses. That was not done by me, but was done by the event itself.I don’t want to be paid, but it is him who owes me, and he owes me more than money, he owes me his life. I can’t charge him for that however, because he cannot repay that, because in my opinion, life is repaid through gratitude and not with money. He is being ungrateful, saying the same things, that he is clean, that no one pays him, that all who help him or who have helped him owe him… it is the same story for more than 10 years.

Two weeks ago he gave me the biggest emotional scare, and had to buy 4 cases of Rohypnol. I have witnesses to all of the bills I have paid and money I gave for him, and they are people that helped him together with myself, genuine and sober people like me. I will affirm it again: if he does not accept hospitalization (rehab) his life will have a tragic and sad end.”

It has not yet been announced if this will keep Filho from fighting in his November 26th KSW 17 scheduled bout with Mamed Khalidov in Poland. [source]

Published on October 19, 2011 at 12:48 pm
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