Paul “The Irish Dragon” Felder pays homage to his heritage with a corkscrew to the face

There is something in the whiskey in Ireland lately.  Or perhaps God found an old to-do list and decided to make up for all the ginger jokes.  Either way, the sovereign state of Ireland looks to have dusted off its warpipe and re-commissioned the old Gaelic Ceithern army.  Last month, Conor McGregor beat Diego Brandao down like a Norman invader.  And now, lightweight Paul “The Irish Dragon” Felder is using his foot like a battle axe in this video of his title defense at CFFC 38.

Felder just signed with the UFC yesterday, and he’ll make his debut on October 4th at UFC Fight Night in Canada. Interestingly, the first Irishman ever recorded to step foot in Canada was a fisherman from the city of Cork.  The Great White North was never the same.  As they say, “Put a Corker in it, they’re done.”  Now, it looks like that 400-year-old seafaring pioneer may have been an omen.  Judge for yourself after you watch Felder corkscrew this spinning kick, making a nice Irish stew from his opponent’s mutton chops.

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