Logan Paul Calls For MMA Fight With Andrew Tate: ‘Me Vs. Tate In The Octagon’

Paul pulls an audible, challenging Tate to a fight under MMA rules.

L Paul
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Logan Paul wants to fight Andrew Tate, but not inside the boxing ring. 

The elder Paul brother would rather face the former kickboxer inside the Octagon. In the past, Paul has stepped into boxing ring and the wrestling ring, where he currently competes for the WWE. His next pro wrestling match comes against Roman Reigns next weekend, but Paul can’t help but think about another potential foe.

What can he say, Paul likes the idea of ‘f*cking up’ Tate to settle their ongoing beef once and for all… even if it means giving the controversial star a platform. 

“I have said what I said that I didn’t feel like platforming him,” Paul said on Sean O’Malley’s podcast. “But then this motherf*cker starts talking a lot of sh*t. Maybe I would take the opportunity to platform him for one night and turn his face inside out. I’ll have him wheeled out on a stretcher with his brother holding his hand in an ambulance. The thought of that is compelling and I like the idea of f*cking up Andrew Tate.

“So maybe I will take it back and I will fight Andrew Tate. I take back what I said and I am man enough to say I made a mistake when I said I wouldn’t platform him I would do it. He has been talking sh*t online, he said that he would fight me for free so I got excited. So I text his agent and said ‘he said he would fight me for free it sounds like a money day for me’. So he rang him up and it turns out he wants two warm-up fights.”

Paul would go on to throw a curveball and propose that their fight should take place inside the UFC Octagon, something neither of them had entered in their career. Of course, Dana White would have to approve of it first… which is more likely, considering Logan’s friendly relationship with the UFC boss (unlike his brother, Jake).

“I was pushing for it this would be fantastic,” Paul continued. “I thought maybe we could forego those warm-up fights and do it. But then the agent replied and said ‘if you want to fight him Whatsapp him directly’. I have a solution, why don’t we do something that neither of us have done? An MMA fight between me and Tate in the UFC. Me vs Tate in the octagon. I am giving him options.”

Paul might not have any experience in MMA, but the social media sensation dabbled in wrestling back in high school. Paul was ranked fifth in the OHSAA State Championships in his senior year of high school. Attending Ohio University in Athens, he also qualified for OHSAA Division I Individual Championships in 2013. 

After his wrestling days, Logan Paul would try his hand in boxing and would go on to fight Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match in 2021. 

Andrew Tate is a former kickboxer, with no experience in other combat sports. 

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