Paul Felder Talks Edson Barboza Trilogy Fight: ‘It’s Main Event Or Bust!’

Paul Felder
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Paul Felder Wants Third Fight With Edson Barboza

Both of the fights between Paul Felder and Edson Barboza are laced with a tinge of controversy. Therefore, they are both willing to run it back a third time, so long as it is a main event.

Felder took on Barboza for the second time, in UFC 242’s co-main event. This bout was a rematch of their fight from 2015, in which Felder won by a close unanimous decision. Additionally, he overcame an incredibly painful spinning back kick to the groin in order to earn that victory.

However, Barboza was looking for revenge at UFC 242. Unfortunately, he would come up short yet again, in this rematch with Felder. This time, it was an incredibly close affair, with the result being a split decision. Moreover, one judge scored all three rounds for Barboza, while another did the same for Felder.

Subsequently, when the fight was over, Barboza was looking for a third fight with Paul Felder. In a recent Instagram post, Felder offered a willingness to oblige this request, but under one condition. Additionally, he gave his overall thoughts on the fight, and how close it was.

This is his heartfelt message.

“I’ve been spending the last few days with my little girl. These fight camps take me away from her and I notice after every fight she has grown up a little more. I’m thankful that I can do what I love and provide for her… she is my “why”.

As for my fight and what seems to have turned into a controversial decision amongst fans.. It was a war… a close fight between 2 skilled people that wanted to finish each other. I have nothing but respect for Edson. We both go out and put on fights to entertain the fans… With that said, I will say this… I walked him down the entire fight, I threw at him the entire fight, I never stalled the entire fight, if he landed, I landed… the entire fight. When he took me down, he took the damage… the entire fight. I never gassed or slowed my pace the entire fight. I got cut due to a head butt, Edson got cut due to strikes. Both of us put our bodies through so much during that fight that whoever came out with the loss would understandably be upset but the numbers don’t lie. If we need to run it back I would be happy to, but this trilogy needs to be 5 rounds because someone was about to break and that someone was not me. If the fans and Edson need a clear ending to this then it’s main event or bust.”

Are you open to a third fight between Paul Felder and Edson Barboza as a main event fight?

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