Paul Felder Has Acting Opportunities Post Retirement, Reveals His ‘Big Regret’ From Fighting

Paul Felder opens up about his plans for his post retirement career, and discusses his biggest regret from his career

Paul Felder
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Fans were a bit saddened to hear that Paul Felder decided to announce his retirement from MMA. However this will not be the last time you see him on your TV screen, and we are not talking about his role as a commentator.

During his time in the sport, Felder was known for his all-action style and willingness to take on any challenge. Even to the point where this was not beneficial, he would regularly be in wars, or take fights on extremely short notice.

As the time ticked away on his career, the Irish Dragon continued to express more and more doubt about continuing his career in the cage. Sure enough, while working commentary at UFC Vegas 27 over the weekend, he announced his official retirement from the sport of MMA.

Paul Felder Kicks Off Acting Career

Following the conclusion of his combat career, fans knew that they would keep seeing Paul Felder cageside, working as a commentator. However there were still questions as to what could be coming next for him.

He explained in a recent interview that he has a lot of things in the works moving forward, including a career in acting. He says he already has a part coming soon in a television show, and this is not the last time he will appear on the small screen.

“I’m in the HBO Max show Hacks,” Felder explained. “I come in later. I haven’t been on the show yet. I’m in one episode, but I got to work on the Paramount lot, in LA, for weeks, on set with all these actors, have a real speaking part, and do some real scene work.

“I’m working with some guys to get me some more jobs. Nothing other than that has really kicked off yet, but I just retired. I’m just now getting refocused on doing that. I think it will help that I can live a healthier lifestyle doing what I’m doing, whereas the fighting, the fluctuation of the weight. One day I’m 200lb, one day I’m 175lb, so I think this is good for longterm health, in the long run.”

Paul’s Biggest Regrets From Fighting

While Paul Felder never quite made it to the top of the heap, he was undoubtedly one of the best lightweights in the world, making it as high as sixth in the rankings. That being said, he does still have some regrets about some of his choices during his time in the sport.

The way he explains it, there were some fights that he knew he should not have taken, but did out of necessity and a desire to stay active. Moreover, he regrets some of the lifestyle choices he made throughout his career.

“There’s certain fights that I know I probably shouldn’t have taken,” Felder said. “The one fight, the (Francisco) Trinaldo fight was probably one of the dumber fights I ever took. I was begging for a fight, I was begging for a guy that was higher ranked than me.

“Joe Silva at the time was like ‘This is the fight, take it or leave it. That’s all you got. You want a top 15 guy, here’s your top 15 guy. Trinaldo in Brazil, his hometown.’ Me being me at the time, I took it. I wouldn’t have taken that Ross Pearson fight on short notice.

“I probably would have really focused on my diet and being a cleaner athlete year-round,” Felder added. “It really sucks that you learn some of these lessons in your late thirties, towards the end of your career.

“If I could be how I am now, but 29, 30, 31, I would’ve been such a better athlete. I’m already a crazy person, I’m already tough as they come, I love a fist fight, but if I had added being disciplined, not murdering myself with weight cuts… that’s my big regret, is not living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle year-round.”

Without a doubt, Paul Felder will end his fighting career being well loved by fans and respected by all. It will be great to see where his career goes from here.

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