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Paul Daley vs. Scott Smith is going down this December in Strikeforce

Paul Daley vs. Scott Smith is going down this December in Strikeforce

The probability of Scott Smith vs. Paul Daley going to the ground at any point in the upcoming Strikeforce bout is greater than the probability that a dinosaur will appear in the middle of downtown LA and ask someone on the street for directions to 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

This morning, MMAWeekly broke the news that Paul Daley will be introduced to Strikeforce by the only guy that has a visible force-field around his head, Scott Smith. When he fought Benji Radach, I thought my speakers were too close to my TV because it created this weird magnetic distortion. Then I realized that Scott Smith’s chin was airing live on Strikeforce and I knew what was going on. If Mythbusters did an episode on what would survive a nuclear holocaust, they would have to throw Scott Smith’s chin in there for testing.

The bout will take place at welterweight and on the same Strikeforce card that features Dan Henderson vs. Babalu December 4th in St. Louis. Now it’s your turn to find a welterweight that has a better chin than Scott Smith. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Still there? Yeah, I didnt think so. Now let me take your wallet and that Barnes and Nobles gift card your Aunt gave you for your Bar Mitzvah. That chin will be tested by whatever explosive device Paul Daley packed into his gloves in a little over two months, however you can get excited about the upcoming bout starting today. [Source]

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