Paul Daley talks about wrestling and being a ninja

It’s no secret the achilles heal of the British Mixed Martial Artist is wrestling. We’ve seen it time and time again: the generally clever, tea drinking, right side of the road driving fighters are stuck on their backs thinking about how awesome The Stone Roses were with an  All-American wrestler on top of them. At one point Paul Daley was no different then the rest of his UK brethren, his loss to Josh Koschek proved that.

Fourteen months later, Paul Daley is looking to prove that his game has evolved against a dude in Tyron Woodley who has just about every wrestling award in existence outside of an Olympic medal. It all goes down tomorrow. In this episode of The Daley Operation, Paul Daley talks about his wrestling and his childhood want to be a ninja, from our good friends at WHOA TV and

I wonder if it’s easier to parallel park if you are on the right side of the car like Paul Daley did at 2:20? Can someone confirm this for me? It looks easier.


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