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Paul Daley Says UFC Not Banning McGregor For Life Is A ‘Smart Move’

Paul Daley Says UFC Not Banning McGregor For Life Is A ‘Smart Move’

Bellator and former UFC fighter Paul Daley weigh-in on the situation that Conor McGregor and UFC faces. As many of you aware of Irishman’s bus rampage at UFC 223 media day in Brooklyn two weeks ago, afterward UFC President Dana White ranted that it was the “most disgusting” incident in UFC history.

To remind you Paul Daley and UFC’s relation end on a bad note back in 2010. When “Semtex” hurled the sucker-punched at winning opponent Koscheck in the octagon following the bout, and White was furious. After this incident, Daley was released by the UFC and was given lifetime ban from the organization. Many believes Mcgregor should face the similar punishment from UFC.

Daley who is no stranger to controversy and does recognize some similarities in the situation to his. During his appearance on The MMA Hour, Daley said UFC wouldn’t give a penalty to their cash cow Irishman because of the money he is able to generate for the organization.

“I’ve seen all the comparisons, and yeah, the whole situation, it was very similar, and Dana could come across as being a little hypocritical, But for me, it’s a different ballgame.”

“The UFC was in a different place then and it’s in a different place now, and a lot of where they are now is down to Conor McGregor. So if you’ve got someone bringing in money, and is raising the sport and your promotion to greater heights, then you can’t ban him for life because business is going to go bad for you. So I understand.”

“Yeah, really, he should be treated the same as I was,” he continued. “He should be banned for life. What he did as a guy with his profile in the sport and for the company of the UFC, he should be banned for life, if, for what I did, I got banned for life. But business and business and they need him, and I like Conor McGregor and I respect him, and I respect Dana’s choice. It’s a smart move.”

Conor Mcgregor’s current fighting future is in the air, as he is facing assault charges and due back in court On June 14.

Paul Daley’s possible return to the UFC octagon is slim to none, but if UFC offers him any possibility, Daley said he wouldn’t turn it down.

“I never really had bad feelings towards Dana, because I will make my way in this sport anyway, regardless of what barriers people put up for me because I am an entertaining fighter. People want to see me fight,” Daley said. “I feel like that’s something that I have up on some other guys who wouldn’t really get away with sh-t that I say because I entertain. I knock people out. I talk the talk and I walk the walk. I always put it on the line.”

“So if Dana came to me with a proposition, I would probably take it because I feel there’s some big fights that could really elevate my financial situations to a whole other level.”

Paul Daley’s relationship with his current organization is Continues to deteriorate as fighter claims Bellator MMA is taking him as an ‘idiot’ and stating that he would leave the company after his current contract is over.

Daley is scheduled to take on ex-UFC veteran Jon Fitch in a co-main event bout at Bellator 199 on May 12. Fitch will be making his debut under the Bellator banner; meanwhile, Daley heads into his ninth bout with the organization.

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