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Paul Daley almost removed a man’s head tonight at BAMMA 14

Paul Daley almost removed a man’s head tonight at BAMMA 14

I almost threw my chow mein across the room when the uppercut that knocked out Romario Da Silva landed on his chin. Until that moment, Da Silva and Daley had been trading fairly evenly although Semtex had a slight advantage. The first round was probably a 10-9 to Daley and Da Silva was more than happy to stand and trade with a man rumoured to have adamantium hands in order to get the advantage back on his side.

Predictably, it proved to be a poor decision and with typical blink-and-you-miss-it speed and accuracy, Daley threw a punch which dropped his Brazilian opponent like an Acme safe from a cartoon building. Da Silva’s body assumed a sitting position at 1.42 of the second round to give Daley the win in his return to BAMMA.

Like a genie, Zombie Prophet has supplied a gif in his usual lightning fashion, which you can see below. Allow this to loop for eternity and marvel at Daley’s left hand which must contain the strength and power of ten old men with that old man strength.

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