Pat Miletich calls out Josh Gross and ESPN on their new rankings

I’m not sure how many times I can say this without having some large object thrown at me, but all pound-for-pound rankings are frivolous, arbitrary and as long as all fighters are unable to compete with each other — above all else, they’re senseless. In reality, the only thing that matters is the MiddleEasy Frate Trane List, nothing else even exists. Remember that. Tell your kids about the Frate Trane list before they go to bed. Instill it into their childhood at an early age. But whatever you do, don’t have Pat Miletich call you out on national television. We know Josh Gross. He’s a good guy. In fact, just last weekend myself, along with Josh, Neil Grove and Miss RaRa were being entertained by Motts from CageRadio inside the Tachi Palace Casino. Random crew, nonetheless. It’s not that comforting to be called out by an MMA legend, but since it just happened — we’re going to have to post it Josh. Sorry bud.

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