Pat Curran wins the Bellator featherweight tournament

Want free money? Find out who Gary LaPlante is firmly rooting for and bet against them. This works almost 95% of the time, it’s amazing. Seriously. Tonight Gary the Grape traveled to the Mohegan Sun arena to catch the Bellator featherweight finals between the Chicagoland area’s Pat Curran and LaPlante favorite Marlon Sandro. Things started out in favor of the Pancrase and Sengoku standout Sandro, some early bombs picked apart Curran, opening a cut above his eye. Throughout the first Sandro continued to duck and weave and stalk Curran around the Bellator cage, jumping in, exchanging strikes with the lightweight tournament winner and backing out again.

More of the same started off round two as Curran continued to press forward diligently, walking through Sandro’s powerful strikes. Sandro ducked down at the wrong moment and Curran turned the lights out with a head kick that would make a certain Croatian proud. Awesome.

Curran is now the winner of two Bellator tournaments. Throwing on Peruvian neckties on dudes from Peru and knocking out opponents from all over the world. Props Paddy. Props.

Bellator never die!


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