Pat Barry tells us that he’s scared of Nate Diaz

The story goes something like this: Pat Barry enters an elevator, only to be greeted by Nate Diaz who was standing in a corner. Pat pushes the button, the doors close and only their reflections are present in the cold steel gateway. Pat Barry looks down at his shoes, then up at Nate, who is now squared up beside him, in his face, mean mugging all the way at 209%.

Nate doesn’t let up, his gaze piercing Pat Barry’s soul. Somehow the trip through this vertical tunnel is going slower, Pat Barry thinks to himself, as Nate continues to stare him down. Pat starts thinking about Rose, which calms him down. Will the elevator doors ever open? 

They do, and Pat Barry scampers away. A heavyweight badass was officially punked by a lightweight in Nate Diaz. 

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