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Pat Barry just knocked Shane del Rosario the eff out! WOW!

Pat Barry just knocked Shane del Rosario the eff out! WOW!

I just knocked over a full glass of plum wine (I’m man enough to admit I love plum wine) all over my power strip when my limbs flailed in reaction to Pat Barry detonating a huge explosion on the chin of Shane del Rosario. I placed the strip upside down and wrapped it in towels, so hopefully it doesn’t explode while I write this article. The clock is ticking, no doubt.

The fight started with both of the hard hitting heavyweights exchanging kicks stiff shots to the legs and body. Shane looks really big compared to Pat Barry, almost like Pat is taking on an end boss, but it’s always like that for HD. Shane decides to take the fight to the ground where he almost gets multiple submissions on a calm and much better looking on the mat Barry. The two men are stood up at the end of round 1, then as round 2 is beginning, Barry decides to unleash the ‘die’ part of hype or die all over del Rosario’s face and body, absolutely destroying him with his hands. Serious slobberknocking action.

My God, TUF finale 16. We love you.

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