Pat Barry is sick of the Cro Cop criticism

I don’t mean to lay the alliteration on you so early in the morning, but Pat Barry is sick of this Cro Cop criticism. The Creole fighting out of Duke Roufus’s camp in Milwaukee is getting tired of fans questioning his heart and whether he gave Cro Cop too much respect back at UFC 115. The dude’s mom is still hearing about that performance even now, seven months later. Never anger a man who has a statement for a nickname, check out what ‘Hype or Die’ had to say to Sherdog about all of this hullabaloo about his spirit and his upcoming fight against Joey Beltran at UFC: Fight For The Troops 2.

“My mother’s hearing this kind of s–t. My mother’s hearing this,” “People are approaching my mother and making these comments to her. It’s still going on now.”

“This is a feeling I haven’t had in a long time,” he said. “Back in my kickboxing days, I used to have these every once in a while. Just an angry, want to break something, upset at something. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know what it is that’s giving me this feeling, this sensation, but I’m very annoyed. Like I’m extremely annoyed and I feel like I’ve got to break something.”

So what did Pat do the last time he felt this way?

“I kicked him in his neck,” Barry said. “I don’t think I hit any bone. I just hit straight jugular with my shin in his neck, and he was carried out on a stretcher and hospitalized that night.”

“Every time I’m going for it,” he said. “No matter what the world may believe or have seen. Even in the last fight, I put it all out there on the line every time. I know that of myself. From what I’ve seen of Joey Beltran and heard of him, he does it too. It’s obvious when you see the guy fight, he’s fighting with his heart.”

“I’m the one who I’ve got to prove something too,” “The world is either going to be with you or they’re going to be against you. … No matter what, people are going to hate your guts anyway. That’s part of the job. We all know it and expect that.”

No one has any reason to hate on Pat Barry, ever. He is one of the good guys, a man who has to hype something or he will wither away and die. Think about that. Hype or Die. Pat Barry has excelled at multiple combat sports with one of the rarest diseases known to man. HD. If you get HD you better hype something, or you will start dying. Horrible, let’s start a MiddleEasy walk-a-thon for the cure. [Source]

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