Pat Barry has an official ‘served’ shirt that you should purchase

I’m going to have to pick up this Pat Barry served shirt if only to make people think I’m a member of some sort of bodybuilder/waiter union. In jokes that few people are in on is the only way to make an MMA T-shirt anymore, if you own any WorldOverEasy gear you know this. Walking down the street in the Wallid Ismail shirt is a lesson in patience, if you own it you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t have the Wallid Ismail shirt, don’t be cheeken (like you didn’t see that line coming) order it now so you can explain Pepe Beach to random strangers staring at your chest, mouthing cuss words in broken English. Out with undead angel Rip Taylor’s sprinkling confetti onto a lake of fire and in with comical MMA shirts that promote human interaction and confusion amongst the greater population. You can purchase the shirt at sometime next week at the price of twenty to twenty five US Dollars.


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