Paradoxical knockout alert! Dude gets knocked out, but NEVER touches the mat

This finish is an riddle of the MMA universe, throwing everything we know about the world around us out the proverbial window. The Matrix glitched hard inside an MMA cage this week, but Anderson Silva is innocent of infecting the code. I don’t even know what I’m looking at here. Did his shorts get caught? Did gravity stop to admire the fine head kick knockout, only to forget they had a job to do?

This is the damndest thing I think I’ve seen in a long time, and you know what? Someone is going to have to prove to me that this dude with the hair isn’t a young or morphed Shang Tsung, who just took a soul for dinner. Look, he absorbs it right after walking up to the levitating, unconscious human in front of him. Incredible. To think there’s a portal to the Nether Realm right outside this small gym…

Massive props to AXS TV for originally airing this, and Working_Lurking for the replay!

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