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Paige VanZant ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ But Wants To ‘Show Off How Good I Am’ In New Ventures

Paige VanZant Talks About Recent Loss To Amanda Ribas, And Being Excited For New MMA Ventures

Paige VanZant ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ But Wants To ‘Show Off How Good I Am’ In New Ventures

Things have been a bit tricky for Paige VanZant for the latter stages of her UFC tenure. However that has not stopped her from being excited to move on to new things, and prove her worth.

Taking on Amanda Ribas at UFC 251, PVZ was making the decision to fight out her UFC contract, being unhappy with her pay. This would ultimately backfire, as she was submitted in the first round. Following the fight, she was a little upset with the way things ended, understably so, but was generally looking forward to testing free agency, and figuring out her worth.

Paige VanZant Is Excited For The Future

While you may think that Paige VanZant would be heartbroken at the setback she experienced at UFC 251, this is not exactly the case. Speaking in a recent interview, PVZ explained that she is healthy after losing to Ribas, and wants a quick turnaround. Not only that, but she is seemingly more motivated than ever, wherever she ends up fighting.

“I want to fight as soon as possible,” PVZ said. “In my mind, I’m going to go ahead and delete that last fight and start over. I don’t know how long this negotiation stuff goes.

“I’m hoping quick, cause I definitely don’t have any injuries. I don’t even know if I got hit, so I’m ready to fight again.”


As for the loss, Paige VanZant says she did not take it as hard as she normally would have. This is something she feels is a function of growing up, and having overcome bad situations in the past.

“I’m sad about the way it went, but this is the first time in my entire career where, I [usually] get emotional after losses, and most times I’ll cry for like a week, but this fight, I only cried for like an hour after the loss,” PVZ explained. “For the first time in my life, I finally realized the losses definitely don’t define you.

“Maybe I did have to hit rock bottom. It’s just going to make my comeback story that much greater coming off a loss and an arm injury, and I have 10-plus years to fight and show off how good I am.”

It will be interesting to see if Paige VanZant ends up in Bellator, as seems to be the case. Regardless, it is good to see her healthy and motivated to make a statement in her next fight, no matter where it is.

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