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Pacquiao rep denies Nike left Manny for Jon Jones

Pacquiao rep denies Nike left Manny for Jon Jones

If there was one person that most accurately reflects the kid that used to hop on my school bus and beat up kids for their Starter jackets, Manny Pacquiao is definitely that guy. Everyone was afraid of him because people said he had down syndrome which we thought meant that he was incapable of feeling pain. In the fourth grade, all genetic disorders automatically equated to having a super power. Later we found our that he didn’t have down syndrome, his father used to beat him every Saturday night. In the end, it looks like we all had the last laugh.

Prior to UFC 150, MMAWeekly spoke with Dana White regarding Jon Jones’ recently-inked Nike deal and stated the company dropped Manny Pacquiao to go with Bones.

“They’re shutting down the Manny Pacquiao line and starting up the Jon Jones line,” White revealed. “I don’t know why they shut down the Pacquiao line, but they did and that (expletive) was selling like hot cakes. I got Manny Pacquiao (expletive) from Nike.”

Over the weekend, Fred Sternburg, the publicist or Pac-Man has denied those claims in an interview with

It’s 100% false. The relationship between Manny and NIKE has never been better

The fact still remains that Bloodstain Lane had a clothing deal before the UFC light heavyweight champion, and that is absolutely and unequivocally mind blowing.

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