Pack your suntan lotion, UFC 128 will probably go down in Abu Dhabi

Earlier this year I received an email from a guy that said MiddleEasy should be partial to UFC 112 coverage since our site is just one letter away from ‘Middle East’. That’s pretty deep logic. Almost like how people say President Obama’s name is just one letter away from ‘Osama’. I guess the same could be applied to No Fear Energy drink’s slogan, ‘It gives you a kick’. I mean, just imagine if the ‘k’ in ‘kick’ was replaced with the fourth level of the alphabet That phrase would have an entirely new meaning, a meaning that would be widely popular in West Hollywood, California. I have a friend named Amir that packed his bags and moved to Abu Dhabi a few years ago. He said every car is a gold-plated Rolls Royce and sheiks bump techno remixes of 50-Cent songs. I’m pretty sure drinking is illegal and if caught, the punishment is like slicing off your tongue or something. I could be wrong, but if that’s the case — Joe Rogan can’t complain about the ‘casual drunken meathead‘ fans at UFC 128 in Abu Dhabi.

MMAWeekly is reporting that UFC 128 will likely take place in Abu Dhabi and will feature Rashad Evans vs. Shogun Rua has the main event. The card is scheduled to take place at the Concert Arena in the Ferrari World Arena on Yas Island, the same place Anderson Silva danced his way to legendary status at UFC 112. Outdoors, in the scorching desert heat of the Middle East in mid-Spring. It may not be that bad as that Wil E. Coyote image you have in your head. The United Arab Emirates is the same country that placed huge pipes under the beach to ‘cool the sand‘. That’s pretty baller. If you get turned down for UFC 128 media credentials, just take it with a grain of salt. It’s better than watching it with a gallon of sand. [Source]

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