Overeem accepts Fedor’s challenge, plans to fight him after K-1

The greatest thing about Alistair Overeem accepting Fedor’s challenge to fight him after he’s done with the K-1 Grand Prix is that he actually watched a Bloodstain Lane video on a message board and responded. Next step for Alistair Overeem is to accept my friend request on Xbox Live. The guy plays Tekken 6 and Bad Company nonstop. The request is still pending, but if he accepts, it just may be the greatest video moment I’ve ever experienced (even greater than finding out Bubble Blaster will defeat Dr. Wiley in Mega Man 2). Check out what the Reem said about the potential match-up that everyone wants to see.

“About the fight I can be short;

The fight is definite. I’ve waited long enough for Fedor, [he] did not answer so now I do K-1. Fedor and M-1 may now wait for me. And all that happiness around ‘M-1 and characters’ does not amuse me.

However, the fight ‘Overeem vs. Fedor’ will definitely [happen], no one has to be afraid of that.”

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