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Our UFC 102 picks will probably lose you money…again

Our UFC 102 picks will probably lose you money…again

We suck at predicting the future. Our broken flux capacitor has been sitting on the washing machine for nearly two months. Without our trusty device, our ability to travel in the future and predict MMA cards are somewhat limited. Once again, we suck at predicting the future. It shows on our MMAMoneyline record. It’s somewhere around  2-42 with both of those wins coming in the Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg fight. So it’s safe to say…we suck at predicting the future.

Despite the above mentioned nonsense, we still drop cash on every MMA fight. It’s like we’re banging our head against a coconut in hopes to turn it into a macaroon. It’s just part of our DNA (that dumb part of our DNA that tells us to smash beer cans on our foreheads and examine our boogers after we’ve pulled them out of our nose). So if you’re up for losing an absurd amount of money, we suggest you check out our MMAMoneyline picks to find out exactly how you can lose as much money as we do. Note, out of all the pro-picks on the site, we’re the only one to give the headliner to Big Nog. 

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