Our UFC 101 picks will probably lose you money

If you have a gambling problem, the best thing to do is continue to bet more frequently and in higher amounts because…hey, you have to win eventually! That’s the mentality of an addict, and my friend OB. He’s the only guy that bursts into a hotel room in Vegas to announce that he’s won $500 in Blackjack but fail to inform us he lost $900 in Texas Hold-em just minutes before. He’s also the type of guy that rips off his shirt and tries to wrestle people with a Mickey’s 40oz in his hand. Fortunately, he’s not the one making the UFC 101 picks.

MMAMoneyline has MiddleEasy.com’s UFC 101 picks up and we think they look pretty solid. Solid enough to drop cash on? Sure, why not. Don’t send me emails when you’re digging in between your sofa to pay your landlord. We’ve been there (and it’s not fun). Want to really have fun on a Sunday? Bet twice of your net worth on a New Orleans Saints game. It will be the most disappointing weekend in your life. 

Click here to check out MiddleEasy’s official UFC 101 picks only at MMAMoneyline.

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