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Our Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg picks will probably lose you money…again

Our Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg picks will probably lose you money…again

Back in 1992, Skynet sent robots from the future to destroy humankind. Their new robot, T-1000, had a mission to kill John Connor and thwart the human resistance movement of the future. Luckily, their mission was destroyed by the Governator, an awesome Guns and Roses video and an equally sick Terminator 2 arcade game. Now it’s August 14th and we find ourselves on the eve of destruction. Skynet has sent one of it’s terminator models named ‘Cyborg’ to stage a full scale battle on humanity. Gina Carano is our last line of defense. Despite it being the end of the world, there are a plethora of betting sites out there that are willing to snatch your September rent money all for the sake of MMA. Last week we batted 4 out of 11 correct for UFC 101 at We blame it on our faulty flux capacitor which has been in repair for weeks now. D**k ‘Starscream’ Grayson set it to 1.83 gigawatts instead of the traditional 1.21 gigawatts and we ended up in the large intestine of a 1985 Marlon Brando. It wasn’t a fun place. 

Now you can check out our new Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg picks on Hopefully we’ll do a lot better this week but we still wouldn’t suggest you put money on our picks. Don’t let us decide whether or not you can pay your electricity bill.

Check out our official Strikeforce: Carano/Cyborg picks only on

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