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Our Hammer Needs More Mending – Mark Coleman still needs your help

Our Hammer Needs More Mending – Mark Coleman still needs your help

Things could have been different had I not been raised in a cozy suburban home with loving parents.

The chances that I would have followed my early dreams of becoming a prizefighter would have been exponentially greater than what they ultimately were. You see, in the end, I did not have that very real hunger for competition outside of Muy Thai practice. Yes, I just dropped the fact that I took Muy Thai. I took BJJ, too. BOOM! This truth goes for a lot of the MMA fanbase, we want to fight but we don’t want to live the real consequences that come with actually getting in the ring with another living organic being. Real fighting hurts and it’s nothing like EA UFC; just ask Mark Coleman.

A few months ago, Wes Sims started a GoFundme campaign in order to raise funds for Mark “The Hammer” Coleman to pay his medical bills due to costly surgeries that his body needs. The MMA community reached deep and donated money; about 48k was raised of the 100k goal. So I decided to email Mr. Sims to see how things were going with The Hammer and he responded yesterday:

“…Mark had hip surgery I posted updates-currently he is battling other hip pain and lower back pain. He is scheduled to see doctors again and may have other surgeries soon rather than later. Still taking donations and appreciate anything that is given. I am working on getting shirts made soon and making a run at selling a Mark Coleman shirt! Thanks and God bless you!”

No. God bless you, Wes Sims. Soon, you can throw away those pretentious Root of Fight shirts and instead flex in a dope Mark Coleman shirt! Mark Coleman is one of the legends of Vale Tudo/MMA and I greatly appreciate his decision to give his body for the sport that used to give me goosebumps.

It takes great humility to ask and accept help from strangers. Remember how warm your soul felt when Jason Thacker got the money that people raised because of the great article by Chuck Mindenhall? Our Hammer needs more mending and we all need show Mark Coleman our appreciation. Donate here.

Now, let’s relive the night that Mark “The Hammer” Coleman was God. It’s not about what they do with their lives but what they do with ours:


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