Oscar De La Hoya: “I Am Including Chuck Liddell And Tito Ortiz In All Revenue Shares”

Oscar De La Hoya Promises Chuck Liddell And Tito Ortiz Will Make The Most Money They Have Ever Made In Their Careers For Their Third Fight


Oscar De La Hoya claims Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz will be paid more than ever. He claims that two pioneers and the biggest names of MMA deserve that kind of treatment. (via MMAMania.com)

“Look, we have arguably the two biggest names in MMA. These are the pioneers that started with UFC and they have had two incredible fights together and now Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell will once again give the fans their money’s worth,” said Oscar on a recent edition of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show.

“The fact that I am including them in all revenue shares makes a huge difference. Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell deserve it, they are legends. They deserve to be treated the right way.”

Oscar De La Hoya believes including both fighters in all revenue shares might make a significant payout difference. Yet, he didn’t say the exact sum of money.

 “All I can say is that they are going to make the most money they have ever made in their careers. And I know that for a fact,” he added. “The fact that we are including them in all revenue shares is a big game changer for both guys. This fight was relatively easy to make because we do include them in all revenues that are coming into the pot. What fighter in UFC can say that other than maybe Conor McGregor?”

Oscar De La Hoya confessed he entered the world of MMA because he loves both MMA and boxing. But he also said that many fighters were whispering in his ear they weren’t satisfied with the payouts. Oscar De La Hoya wants to provide fighters with a chance for a bigger payday.

“One of the primary reasons is because I actually love watching MMA and I obviously love boxing. It came about a couple of years ago, but most recently I have been having MMA fighters approach me left and right or write me to tell me they don’t get paid enough,” he said.

“Whether it’s a championship-caliber fighter or one that has one or two fights. It makes me sick to my stomach to see main event fighters who are under no obligation with anybody come up to me and tell me they are getting paid peanuts. I think I can come in and make a difference with my formula that I implemented with Golden Boy Promotions from the start. I think I can change the way fighters are compensated.”

Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz fought for the first time at UFC 47 on April 2, 2004. Liddell won via second-round KO. Their second fight happened at UFC 66 on December 30, 2006. The Iceman won via third-round TKO and defended the UFC Light Heavyweight title. Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz 3 PPV (pay-per-view) event is set for November 24th, 2018. The two superstars will fight inside The Forum in Inglewood, California, under Golden Boy MMA banner.

Golden Boy MMA is a new promotion. Of course, big names might bring a lot of fans. But Dana White recently criticized Chuck Liddell Vs Tito Ortiz 3, claiming 50-year-olds shouldn’t fight.

Oscar De La Hoya stated he doesn’t want to be a competition to UFC. What do you think? Will fighters start joining Golden Boy MMA if De La Hoya keeps his word? Is Dana White jealous or frightened?

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