Tito Ortiz Pleads With Parents To Take Masks Off Children: ‘You’re Ruining The Health Of Their Lungs, Immune System’

This is the latest in a long list of right-wing conspiracies from the former UFC champion and Mayor Pro Tem of Huntington Beach.

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Tito Ortiz isn’t letting up on his conspiracies as he continues to be an anti-mask advocate.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion and current Mayor Pro Tem of Huntington Beach has long been outspoken about COVID-19 as well as the use of masks as he has floated a number of conspiracy theories over the past year.

He even clashed with the Huntington Beach City Council after refusing to wear a mask during their meetings before he eventually had to cave in to the pressure and complaints.

That said, he still isn’t a fan of them as can be seen from his latest interview where he pleaded with parents to stop making their children wear masks.

“If I gotta be here at Huntington and help each one of these people have the focus to not to wear a mask. I mean, please, people. Parents, please —  take your kids’ masks off,” Ortiz said. “You’re ruining the health of their lungs, their immune system. The kids are not going to catch COVID, man.

“I’m not a doctor but let me tell you, I’m a person who has lived through life. Take your mask off your kids.

Ortiz Won’t Be Taking Vaccine

In addition to being anti-mask, Ortiz is also unsurprisingly not a fan of vaccines either. When asked what happened to the flu this year, Ortiz responded:

“What happened to the flu? 98% has been erased,” he added. “That’s kind of strange, huh? 98%? I’ve never taken a flu shot, I won’t take this vaccine shot. I don’t get a sh*t. They gotta pin me down.

“I know I shouldn’t have to be vicious like that because we live in America, I pay taxes. And I pay a lot of taxes.”

It still remains surreal how he ended up in his current position.

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