Opposing SB277, the California Kid Urijah Faber is cool if you don’t vaccinate your kids

The political career of Urijah Christopher Faber began this past week in Sacramento, California. Previously only a former MMA world champ and bro alpha one of Team Alpha Male, Faber stormed California’s capital building to fight for the right for parents not have their children vaccinated from diseases like chickenpox, hepatitis B, the flu, and measles. 2Pac’s “California Love” played over the loudspeakers when Faber entered the room.

For Californians hearing Faber’s entrance music whenever he steps into a room is a normal occurrence.

With a February 2015 outbreak of measles in California, the Anti-Vaxxer parents versus Parents who Vaccinate their kids debate has been a hot button issue in all 50 states but has taken a stronger foothold in Faber’s home state. Anit-Vaxxer versus Vaxxer is an even more heated rivalry than Team Alpha Male versus Nova União; shocking news to the MMA bubble as a whole.

Whether you believe that all US children should have a mandatory set of vaccines against infectious diseases or you believe that vaccines do more harm than good, you have to admire Faber for using his MMA celebrity to stump for a cause he truly believes in. Being Alpha is not all about eating cakes shirtless while doing sit-ups and maybe future political candidate Faber understands that. Mr. Faber will shake your hand or kiss your baby, even if your baby isn’t up to date on all her immunizations. 

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