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Opinion: Anderson Silva is all our dads, our impotent dads

Opinion: Anderson Silva is all our dads, our impotent dads

It seems as though the MMA world has slightly turned their backs on Anderson Silva because he was popped for steroids and then he blamed it on a Thai sex drug that he took before his fight with Nick Diaz. Who are we to judge what a guy decides to ingest for his sexual prowess? Stay out of Anderson’s pants, MMA.

Now, I don’t think it’s fair that we start to negate the entire career of Silva because steroids alone will not provide you with the skills to embarrass a former light heavyweight champion. Paging Forrest Griffin.

What am I saying? Silva embarrassed the majority of his foes within the UFC. Yet, it is now his moment to live in embarrassment; the circle of life.

While we act like Silva didn’t provide us with some of the sweetest striking we have ever seen, I will not allow anyone to forget the time that Silva fought the biggest bank thief in history. Granted, at the time of their fight Lee Murray hadn’t robbed any banks yet (as far as we know). Wait, when is Murray getting out again?

Get yourself ready with the awesome weigh-in:

Lose yourself in the fight:

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