Only five more days until the final EA MMA Live Broadcast

Only five days until the final EA MMA Live Broadcast which is ironically celebrating the one year anniversary of the launch of the game. It’s like dying on your birthday. It’s very depressing. No. Let’s look past the sadness and remember all of the good times EA MMA has brought to us. Sunday night Fights, The MiddleEasy sponsored Heavyweight Grand Prix of awesomeness which will surely go down in gaming history as one of the craziest tournaments ever. The rise and fall of Tha Premiere, the RushStPierre era (dark times) and the literally hundreds of digital fighters that have spent late Sunday night with us. I love you all.

During the RushStPierre era, before he was stripped of his MiddleEasy title, one of the consistently top ranked players in the EA MMA community reached out to me via email. His name was Mr NRG. NRG, as someone who could be argued as the best in the game at any given week, was kind enough to offer to get the MiddleEasy title out from around Rush’s waist and onto a more worthy champion. The fight never came to be, The Rise to Greatness tournament would give them a platform to meet if fate so decided. Rush however, was eliminated along with Tha Premiere in the early goings, but Mr NRG finds himself in a familiar position as one of the final four in the tournament. We met up with Mr NRG in a posh downtown Singapore cafe to reflect on the past year.

I have done everything possible in EA MMA…In fact…I have done things that are literally impossible in this game! Things that werent even programmed into the game, Things that dont even exist on the disc, I have done! Thats how good I am. I dont even play this game anymore and STILL kick ass all the way to finals, with no practice, no warm up fights, no nothing…just pure 100% unsaturated beast mode.

I would talk trash on my opponent Smoke Em but he is not that important. Infact…He’s not even an opponent…He is just my stepping stone…A rabbit in the headlights….A fish out of water…and alot of other cliche things.
I heard a rumour he actually wants to get down on all fours and let me, the great one, use him as a step to get up on the podium to claim my tournament title. Unfortunately for him, I would compare that to stepping in dog crap! My shoes dont come cheap ya know? So why would I waste my time dirtying them up on his back??  He will just have to settle for being that kid that got humilated in the final LB.

I dont want to put a downer on this whole thing for him though – I know he looks up to me and I can tell he is excited,  like a kid that gets to meet Santa on Christmas, ya know? Only problem for him is that this Santa will be smacking him around the head with a sled and burning down his christmas tree.

I’m riding a 6 win streak in the LB’s. He brings nothing that can end my LB streak. If he genuinly believes he can beat me then I would strongly recomend getting him CT scanned and checking for signs of brain damage. No doubt him and his circle jerk camp will be coming up with ways to try and beat me, So come October 19th It will be like killing 10 birds with one stone! Do none of them realize that you cant take on a God and win???

Ye I have lost a few times – Being honest i cant remember who I lost to though as it has been a while. A notable loss i took in Stikforce was against Brotha Lynch, which resulted in us fighting again on an LB and me avenging the loss. Preston will be able to look it up though. I don’t think I have lost to anyone and not avenged it at some point. I only really come out and play this game for the major competitions, tournaments and fights that interest me.

As for Preston and the team, those guys are top notch. The whole EA MMA experience has been a memorable one. It is sad to see it all come to an end but that’s life. As a gamer, I can safely say this has been one of the funnest over all gaming experiences. Not just because of the Disc in the box. Mainly because Preston, his team and the EA MMA community came together and made stuff happen – I cant fault them in anyway. I’m not just saying this to kiss ass and gain points with Preston and The Team, I am saying it because its the truth. The LB experience has truly been memorable and I can only hope that the same guys get the chance to create a 2nd MMA experience for us all.

Tune in right here Wednesday, October 19th to see the ultimate and final EA MMA champion crowned!

Published on October 13, 2011 at 11:31 pm
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