One of the strangest moments in MMA history went down tonight in Bellator, and we love it

Over the past months and years even, my interest in MMA has slowly been on the decline. Each event bleeds into the next and they all merge into each other to form an endless mediocre MMA world. Each event feels the same, each event looks the same the same bland gray canvas, the same bland rhetoric, the same bland everything. UFC specifically to me has become Call of Duty, it’s not bad, it’s just over saturated and lacks both creativity and personality.

With Scott Coker coming into power within Bellator signified a huge change. Coker era Strikeforce was some of the most fun I’ve had as a fan of the sport.

However, no one, no matter how bullish you were on the new regime in Bellator could’ve predicted what we saw tonight and what we saw was the segment of the year.

With Bonnar signing a deal with Bellator to take on Tito Ortiz, most people were lukewarm on the prospect of that, but my god. Tonight, Stephan Bonnar cut a promo on Tito Ortiz with a masked man next to him. Who was this masked man? Was it Jenna Jameson? Could it have been maybe Impact Wrestling’s Jeff Hardy? NO! It was The Nsane1 himself Justin McCully! This was on par with Rick Rude being unmasked as The Phantom.

Tito Ortiz cut a promo after this which, to be honest, couldn’t even pay attention to after what just transpired. Then of course, it all ended with a brawl. This couldn’t have been more pro wrestling if it tried. In a world of bland heartless production in MMA. This is a breath of fresh air, embrace it, love it.

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