Once you see Ariel Helwani and Alistair Overeem doing ‘The Dougie’ it is impossible to unsee it

Gingerbread is really a sell-out bread. Gingerbread is incapable of making a bologna and mayonnaise sandwiches. A gingerbread man can not be rolled together with ham to make a snack. Something went wrong in the bread factory that day and the world is forever confused by it. Sort of like this video of Alistair Overeem and Ariel Helwani doing ‘The Dougie’ on today’s MMA Hour. I’m not sure what we just witnessed, nor do I believe that any of this actually took place. For all we know, humanity fell into the matrix on 1947 and all of this is just a by-product from some elaborate computer simulation. If this is true, ‘The Dougie’ is just a virus in the matrix and it’s obvious that Ariel and Alistair are infected in some way in these clips. [Source]

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