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Sean O’Malley Says He Made A Fighter ‘Sh*t All Over The Mat’ In Sparring Session

O'Malley details a very 'horrible' sparring experience.

Sean O’Malley Says He Made A Fighter ‘Sh*t All Over The Mat’ In Sparring Session

If you thought everything goes sweet for ‘Suga’, you’d be wrong.

Sean O’Malley did end up having one of the best years of his career, scoring 3 knockouts with 3 bonuses in 2021. The rising UFC star is surely making a name for himself inside the Octagon with his spectacular style. 

Entering 2022, ‘Suga’ might be known as a knockout artist, but little did people know he’s also an artist of making fighters poop themselves. Yes, you heard that right. If he doesn’t hurt you enough to get the knockout, he can still get the TKO… by defecation. 

Sparring Gone Wrong

O’Malley claims he made a fighter ‘sh*t all over the mat’ during a sparring session, a few years ago. The slick striker would explain the ‘horrible’ story while on The Full Send Podcast. It would all start with some guy who didn’t believe O’Malley was a fighter. It would end up being a rude awakening, along with a late trip to the restroom. 

“He didn’t believe that I was a fighter.” O’Malley said. “Tim [Welch] worked at this UFC gym, so they had a ring, and we brought him over there, not in like a mean way, he wanted to fight me, not fight, he wanted to spar. I f***ing kicked him in the body and he s*** all over the mat. Literally s*** all over the mat. But we didn’t know, we kept going, kept fighting.”

Sean Stepped In Sh*t

In what was already a sh*tty situation, O’Malley would step in it…

“I stepped in it, stepped in his s***.” O’Malley continued. “It was horrible. We finish the round, and then Tim was like, ‘There’s s***,’ and we thought it was by dog, ’cause we recorded the video. I wish we still had it, dude. It was probably seven or eight years ago…

“In the video you can see, we thought it was my dog, my little dog was there, so I ended up cleaning it up because I thought it was my dog. We watched the video back; you can see the s*** come out of his shorts… That was the only time anyone ever kind of wanted to fight me and didn’t believe that I was a fighter.”

If you think about challenging Sean O’Malley in sparring, just make sure to bring some toilet paper. 




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