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Oma-Gawd: Securing your Oma correctly

Oma-Gawd: Securing your Oma correctly

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Finishing the Omaplata sucks. In my experience it seems that the omaplata causes one of the biggest reactions (aside from footlocks) from my opponents/training partners than any other position. I’ll hit the submission, concentrating on being as tight and technical as possible, and, of course, my opponent will freak the f*#k out and attempt to escape it as if it were a life or death scenario. The Oma, as I like to call it, is one of my favorite positions, but it’s definitely one of my least favorite to deal with as far as counters go. My experience has shown that the majority of opponents freak out (as I mentioned earlier) and somersault as hard and as fast as possible as if they were trying to complete the second to last section of Ninja Warrior. The second most popular escape is the “step over” – and I quote that because most of the time my opponent tries to mash me in the face with his knee or, better yet, step over further and sit on my face. So, as you can see, the Oma is a great position and submission, but opponent reactions don’t make it easy to finish in any way.

Today, the guys over at Train Fight Win don’t care how you set up your oma, they just want to help us, help you finish the position. Take it from them – there really are more easy and efficient ways to counter an escape or the crotch-face. So, take a look at how easy it is to break down your opponent and apply the Oma with almost no issues.

Finish Your Oma.

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