Okami understands that his entire existence depends on beating Marquardt

The only thing in the way of me and the Nathan’s Famous ‘Mustard Belt‘ is Joey Chestnut and a plate of 54 hot dogs. I’ve practiced soaking the buns in water and breaking the dogs in half as I mash them down my throat, but on my best try last summer, I ended up puking after twelve hot dogs. In a completely different way, the only thing that stands in his way of Yushin Okami and a title shot is a seven-time king of Pancrase in the form of Nate Marquardt. Yushin Okami is the only fighter in the UFC with a win over Anderson Silva. If you get into the technicalities of that statement, it’s a lot like that story Matt Hamill can tell his grandkids about his win over Jon Jones. We’re not sure if Matt Hamill ever wants a rematch with ‘Bones’ Jones (I hope not), but Yushin Okami has made it his life’s mission to become the first Japanese UFC champion. Okami has gone 9-2 since entering the UFC but he’s aware that his fight at UFC 122 is going to be the toughest fight of his career. He’s also aware that beating Nate Marquardt will earn him the long overdue rematch with Anderson Silva he’s been waiting for.

Check out this interview with Yushin Okami as he refers to his upcoming fight as his “last chance” at superstardom. [Source]

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