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Oh, **** yes! Fedor wants Werdum as his comeback fight

Oh, **** yes! Fedor wants Werdum as his comeback fight

Dear Dana White,

You are one of the worst people in all of sports, and that’s saying a lot while Roger Goodell walks the earth, but still, you know what to do. You know that this is the fight to make in your heavyweight division. Sure, it may not be good for business if Fedor walks solemnly into your organization and takes out your current, awesome heavyweight champ, but your division is shallow, and lacks storylines. This would grip headlines, be the fight to watch in your division, and would be a zillion times more interesting than anything you’ll put together.

Make it happen, Daddy Dana. Make it happen. You owe the fans something for our support over the years despite your awful BS.



Fedor took to a Russian Q and A and the question popped up about who he wants to fight in his comeback match. The answer – WERDUM!

You can navigate the confusing forum here.

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