Oh no, the Mayor of Amsterdam wants to ban MMA

There’s another politician that deserves everyone’s ‘WTF’ flag be raised simultaneously regardless of location or place. When I write a sentence like that, I assume you guys understand the underlying and implied meaning behind it — because I sure don’t. All of my creative writing has been extracted from a variety of experiences throughout years of a string of idiotic life decisions. I was nearly deported from France (and the UK), I woke up in my friend’s farmhouse alongside chickens in Belgium, I was involved in a high-speed chase in Arizona and got away and above all else, I fully experienced Amsterdam before the recent reforms went into place.

In an attempt to tame one of the most entertaining places on the face of the earth, Job Cohen (the preceding Mayor of Amsterdam) has instituted laws to close a large portion of the Red Light District and even shut down over forty ‘green cafes’. Now his successor, Lodewijk Asscher, has aimed his ‘let’s make things lame’ target at mixed martial arts, muay-thai and kickboxing.

According to Chakuriki Japan, Lodewijk Asscher seeks to prohibit every combat sport (except boxing) from taking place in Amsterdam. Chakuriki Japan has launched an English site in order to get 10,000 signatures on their new petition against Lodewijk Asscher — and basically everything he represents. You probably don’t live in Amsterdam but it’s safe to say that you’re avid fan of MMA (and if you’re not, what are you even doing here?). Check out the petition, see if it’s what you’re about, and if it is, slap a few keys and push enter on the submission form. Alistair Overeem, Marloes Coenen and Martijn de jong would appreciate it. [Source]

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