MMA Rundown

Oh no. Internet Bodybuilder guy claims he’s flirting with Cody Garbrandt’s wife and ummm he has pics

Internet Bodybuilder guy is still going hard at UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt. Internet Bodybuilder guy Matthew Kline Kader AKA @ShallowKing is reaching horror movie villain levels of evil. Twinkies, cockroaches and Matthew Kline Kader are the only three items in the world that will survive a future nuclear fallout.

A walking dumpster fire transported by a train that has gone off the rails, Kader is trying to M. Night Shyamalan the ending of his feud with Garbrandt. After buying a plane ticket to Sacramento, running up on the Team Alpha Male gym on a random Sunday afternoon and just being himself, Internet Bodybuilder guy has gone full Internet Bodybuilder guy.

Okay, looking past the video editing and cross-dressing, IBG goes on to post this screenshot that looks to be Garbrandt’s fiancé/wife direct messaging him ummmm something. Say ain’t so? It can’t’ be true. Can it?