Oh boy, Gamestop could begin selling used DLC

Let’s face it, Gamestop’s days are numbered. Soon they will go the way of Blockbuster and will only exist in the memories of “gamer”.

I always viewed my relationship with Gamestop as I view a doctor peddling me medication that I clearly have no use for. Yes, I’m sad from time to time, no I don’t need an antidepressant. Yes I occasionally get stuck in a video game, no I don’t need the official strategy guide. No, I don’t want to reserve a game I could just walk into the store to buy day of release, or better yet, just download it straight to my console.

In Gamestop’s last dying breaths to remain relevant, they’ve become interested in selling used DLC. Gamestop executive vice president said this in a talk with Arstechnica.

“[Selling used DLC] would require a partnership between retailers and publishers, but absolutely, it could go that way,” Hogan said. “We’re absolutely interested in pursuing that. There are lots of examples where people have taken digital content and made it transferable from one consumer to another.”

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