MMA Rundown

Oh Bellator. Fedor vs. Couture! Randy just volunteered to sub-in for Chael, Wand or Matt at NYC show

Maybe some kind 72-hour food poisoning or a badly stubbed toe?The Fight Gods have jokes and Fedor vs. Couture may be closer than ever somehow, someway. Sorry Matt Mitrione, its nothing personal but get the fuck out the way, the MMA world has wanted Fedor vs. Couture for what feel like three decades.

Before we knew we wanted Randy vs. Emelianenko, we wanted The GOAT vs. the two-division UFC champion. Don’t do it for us, do it for the kids, EA MMA, some faded out Affliction bros and for the fact this match-up would cause Dana White is regrow a small patch of hair only for him to immediately tear it out again in anger.

Shit, do what you have to Chael but we’d may even settle for a Randy vs. Wandy super-fight if we can’t get the most wanted crossover fight in MMA history thrown in our UFC vs. Pride fantasy fight boned up laps.

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