Observation: Every major Joe Rogan side-kick is essentially the same person

Eddie Bravo thinks someone is dumping mile-long trails of chemicals in plain sight, just squirting a plaid acidic patchwork across the heavens as part of a nefarious conspiracy to manipulate our collective brain chemistries.  Mike Goldberg is the UFC’s court jester, providing enough YouTube source material to laugh through an entire watered-down UFC undercard.  Without exaggeration, he is the Travis Lutter of unintentionally comedic commentary.

“Michael Jordan-esque in his grappling skills is Travis Lutter,” Mike said during a broadcast.

“No, no it’s not,” answered Rogan.

“Kobe Bryant maybe?”

“No, no, it’s not that good either.”

“Tim Duncan?”

It is no accident.   Joe Rogan appears to choose his partners based upon whether they can provide a contrast to his own ability to articulate.  And if there were any doubt, this video cleared things up last September.

 Because Brian Redban.



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