Now that Todd Duffee has been cut from the UFC, the conspiracy theories floating around are insane

This morning while I was slap-chopping my way to tuna sandwich greatness, I found out Todd Duffee was cut from the UFC. I cried. My eyes welled up and overflowed with tears. I know, you’re thinking that’s an overly emotional reaction to have towards a fighter getting the axe from the UFC — and I completely agree. I was chopping onions. Damn onions ruined my mascara.

The Duffee news might not be tear inducing, but it is somewhat perplexing. He had a 1-1 record in the UFC, with his first fight going down in the UFC history books as the fastest knockout ever. His loss came from Mike Russow at UFC 114 when, after controlling the first two rounds of the fight, Russow landed a Mack truck of a right hand on Duffee’s temple which knocked the giant out cold.

Here’s where it starts to get interesting. Duffee was scheduled to fight Jon Madsen at October’s UFC 121, but due to a knee injury he had to pull out of that fight. Obviously, lots of fighters have injuries that prevent them from fighting, so we can’t really this is the reason for the cut. It is one of the many conspiracy theories being thrown around in the MMA netverse. So fa,r no one from the UFC, Duffee or any of his representatives have said why he got the axe.

There’s so much chatter and speculation as to why the UFC would cut Duffee that we’re just going to call this thing the ‘Duffee Conspiracy Theory’ list. Here are some of the rumors flying around throughout the MMA community:

– Duffee may have upset the UFC and been hard to deal with. Back in May, the UFC’s official Twitter said that Duffee’s former job was at Dairy Queen. Duffee tweeted back ‘Yo find a new way to promote me I don’t find my misfortunes as funny as you might. Your sense of humor sucks’. You can’t go back and read this old tweet now though, because Duffee’s Twitter account has suddenly been deleted. Luckily, Maggie Hendricks over at Cagewriter caught a screen shot of it back in May.

– Perhaps Duffee upset the UFC by tweeting about how broke he was and that he needed a part-time job back in early August. The only proof we have of that now is via The Underground since his Facebook and Twitter no longer exist.

– Duffee was slated to star in the movie Never Back Down 2 and some are speculating that he claimed to have a knee injury in order to work on the film and after being examined by a UFC doctor he was found to be healthy so the UFC cut him for the injury fraud. This has not been proven, just another morsel of wild speculation.

– Let’s make it clear. No one at MiddleEasy believes Todd Duffee has used steroids during the UFC or at any time in his life. We would never insinuate this. There’s no proof, however this is the generic theory that gets thrown out every time someone as massive as Duffee gets cut or sidelined by any MMA promotion.

Duffee is a hitman and he will be used to take out the Strikeforce heavyweight champ. This one is way out there, but it is out there. Some have said that Dana White wants Duffee to get nabbed by Strikeforce and eventually take out Alistair Overeem and then Dana plans to bring both fighters to the UFC

– Duffee is the government’s secret weapon against an impending alien invasion. It is rumored that Duffee is really a humanoid robot named Robonaut 2 built by NASA and he is getting ready to leave on the Space Shuttle Discovery on November 1 to begin an alien fighting training mission on the space station. Dana White had no choice but to release him to ensure the continued existence of the human race. We’re serious, this really is a rumor.

Everyone may have their own theory as to why Duffee received a career decapitation from the UFC, but for now, no one really knows. None of the above theories have been proven. Hopefully over the next few days Duffee, the UFC or NASA will give us an explanation regarding Duffee’s unexpected cut from the organization. Hopefully by then we can all rest knowing there is a humanoid robot keeping us safe from aliens that want to take over the earth and use their phytophantom laser missiles to obliterate the human race.

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