Now that Karlos Vemola is training with Jeremy Horn, the reign can continue

When Wu-Tang Clan made that song ‘Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to [expletive] with’, they were really talking about Karlos Vemola. Unfortunately, no one informed Jon Madsen of this nugget of musical knowledge when he defeated Karlos Vemola at UFC 116 in a unanimous decision. It was somewhat unexpected seeing that Karlos trains by slamming a hammer into a car, but the UFC decided not to cut him for the sole reason that this guy truly is the future of mixed martial arts. Karlos Vemola may not be the greatest technical striker (yet), but the guy fights like he’s been reprimanded by catholic nuns his entire life. Before UFC 116, Vemola was undefeated with only two of his seven fights lasting over a minute and one of his bouts ending in only five seconds. Hopefully Jeremy Horn can inject some of that ruthlessness the MMA world all assumed Vemola was constructed out of when the UFC announced his signing back in April. Check out this clip of Horn dropping knowledge on Karlos Vemloa like he tipped over a shelf of encyclopedias [Source]

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