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Now that Bob Reilly is on the verge of being re-elected, don’t expect MMA in New York until after 2013

Now that Bob Reilly is on the verge of being re-elected, don’t expect MMA in New York until after 2013

Some of you guys may think Cain Velasquez comes into battle with the greatest gameplan in MMA, but you’ve all been trolled. It’s New York assemblyman Bob Reilly who has, undeniably, the greatest gameplan in MMA history and, thus far, the guy has been flawless at executing it. Bob Reilly used his opposition of MMA in the state of New York to successfully grab 51% of the vote for the race of District 109 New York State Assembly Person. While all 166 precincts are reporting that Bob Reilly has defeated his opponent, Jennifer A. Whalen, by a slim margin of 577 votes, it’s important to note that absentee ballots have not been accounted for which, theoretically, could change the current results. However, as it currently stands, Bob Reilly has been re-elected to the same political position that has enabled him to effectively ban mixed martial arts from being legalized in New York.

Well there you have it, not even Dana White’s money could prevent this guy from being re-elected. If the results of last night’s election holds true, the soonest we can see MMA legalized in New York would be after 2013. 2013. If the Mayan’s have their way, the world won’t even be here by then which means for the duration of humankind’s reign on earth, MMA was banned in New York. Damn Bob Reilly and damn those Mayans for ending the world before Kristin Kreuk even knew that I existed.

And no, California’s Prop 19 did not pass. Worst day in politics ever. At least we have can rest assured knowing that Heidi Klum had the most ballerish costume this past Halloween. [Source]

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